PINK & GREY Combo Patterns: Yes, more watercolours! 

I have to say I was inspired by Igor’s post on his wonderful Happy Interior Blog, to use these colours! Actually it was after twitting him to say how much I loved that combo, that I realized I HAD to do something with it today!

Just a little side note:it was difficult to go ahead and finish the whole page without using a bit of yellow, I was so tempted! Well, next time I see a combo with yellow in it I’ll do it ;) 

Do you like it?

Have a great day!

Watercolour tote + notebooks

So I did it!

I took the watercolours I liked the most, and print it on a tote and on cardboard to make notebooks :)

(Actually,I made another tote, but I already sold it and wasn’t clever enough to take a picture of it before…uff!)

Anyway, this is the first experiment, I really like the idea of printing on fabrics! In this tote I only took one line of the other one I printed the whole watercolour decoration on one side!

If you like them and want to buy them, take a look at my Etsy shop, they’re there! Of course, this is a limited edition…there’s only one of each!

I would love to hear your opinion! :)