Neon Color Studies

I made this stop-motion video assembling pieces of paper I cut out from another project. Somehow they were asking me to do something with them…

Enjoy ;)

Stop-motion about the “automatic” pattern studies I was writing about in the latest post. 

Hope you’ll like it!


Sneak peeks about my works?! Here!

The new shop?! Here! ;)

I mean to use this illustration for a notebook/photo album. I was going to make more, but now I’m not so sure. May be I’ll change it a bit more.

The design of the flowers is from the Grafiche Tassotti paper I’ll use to the cover the cardboard.

The orginal idea was to draw something on vegetal paper to decorate the photo album part. I wanted to stay on the same subject..

Well, I hope you’ll like it;)

I wanted to share part of the creation process, the illustration stage.

To take a picture every 4 or five lines could be very frustrating, that’s why after the break, I started to go faster! ;)

This illustration is made on vegetal paper with black ink (0.3). This page will wrap other 4 plain pages to be a signature. This book will have 10 signatures.

There will be a pop-up in this book and I’ll use there the same flower decoration but on red paper.

Music was carefully chosen among different medium-to-high speed classical pieces (Schubert won, but there was some really good fight between Chopin and Debussy also)

I hope you’ll enjoy it.