Lately I’ve been using watercolours to study new patterns.

This is part of a new project called “digital vs handmade”, where I’m going to produce the same pattern in both ways:  Illustrator vs watercolours. 

In this case, while I was painting I didn’t have a drawing to follow…it was more automatic or spontaneous. I believe it’s a good exercise to express the inner creativity. Sometimes I find out really good patterns that way ;)

I’ll soon post a stop-motion video I did while I was painting one of these watercolours.

The result of the project would be the production of two handmade notebooks or diaries with different price (the “all” handmade would be the most expensive, with painted covers). And there comes the conceptual dilemma of these days..Which one would you prefer?

Sneak peeks about my works?! Here! ;)

Wanna buy them?! Here! ;)