Custom Journal/Photo album

So, a client asked me a journal with pockets, A5 size, starting from this one, with some pages to use as photo album.

About the cover: he chose the paper among the classic ones I always have ( Grafiche Tassotti). I used a blue fabric for the spine and part of the covers as I did in a recent photoalbum/journal. 

He wanted to add somewhere in the journal 4 poems he actually personalized for his girlfriend. (So romantic!). I decided to handwrite the poems on the vegetal paper I usually use to protect the pictures in the photoalbum part (typo: Apple Chancery). I don’t know about you, but I really like the effect of the words on pictures;)

Hope you’ll like it!

Spring is here! A5 Custom Agenda/Photoalbum

My client wanted a functional diary: half notebook, half photo-album, with pockets. When she saw the daisy paper she asked me to use it for the cover and for some boxes I’ll post tomorrow.

COVER// Hard cover. The beautiful paper is from Grafiche Tassotti. The spine and the corners are protected by green fabric.

PAGES +PHOTOALBUM//Half of the diary has light cream blank pages (72g) while the other half is a photo-album, with heavier paper (200g) + vegetal paper. As you will see, the right page is fashioned to put the pics on it while you can write on the left side…notes and memories about the pics etc.

POCKETS// My client asked me to add some place to put business cards and other notes. So I made this two really thin pockets. One has a cut in the middle, that helps to put the cards inside without forcing the cardboard, and you actually don’t notice it..

I hope you’ll like it!

I made 2 of them, so if you liked it, you could buy one ;) If you want something different, you could always request a custom item (on the left column).