Photo Album Journal

It’s a custom journal-photoalbum a client asked me. He’s a journalist and loves to write about his baby daughter and wanted something to keep things together: photos, letters, notes etc. He also wanted something related to his hometown in southern Spain and to the Mediterrean Sea.
So we decided it would be half journal, half photoalbum, with pockets. In this post I showed and explained the project to him, he accepted them, so I went on.
I finally felt I had to add something more, so I started cutting pieces from the flyleaves and repeated the same decoration on the cover paper, fitting the name of the baby among the flowers.
Regarding the cover, I could have put the flower paper all over the surface, but then I thought that the vertical “thin line” of paper was more visible that way than if it would have covered all the surface. Instead of putting little triangles of fabric on the corners, I choose to cover vertically the edge.
Hope you’ll like it ;)
Hard cover

Here we go with this lovely, weird yet unique hardcover photo album. It took me a lot to get all the materials and to decide how to do it. Well, in the end it’s very simple: you choose where to put the pictures.

I used Tassotti paper for the hard cover and Canson violet paper (180mg) for the pages. 

Traditional chord book binding system.