Patterns by night

Yesterday night I went out with some friends and finished lingering around the Caixa Forum Museum in the center of Madrid.

I’ve always loved this building, especially the entrance. As you can see it has a geometric ceiling and the first thing that came into my mind was a watercolour pattern!

I think this could me a good creative method to study patterns: take pictures of even simplier places and buildings and then to study them.

So yes, I’m a bit obsessed about patterns, geometric shapes and colours!

Do you also see patterns everywhere?!

PINK & GREY Combo Patterns: Yes, more watercolours! 

I have to say I was inspired by Igor’s post on his wonderful Happy Interior Blog, to use these colours! Actually it was after twitting him to say how much I loved that combo, that I realized I HAD to do something with it today!

Just a little side note:it was difficult to go ahead and finish the whole page without using a bit of yellow, I was so tempted! Well, next time I see a combo with yellow in it I’ll do it ;) 

Do you like it?

Have a great day!