Lomo indulgences

Yesterday I took a few pics while visiting this big art center based in Madrid: El Matadero.

It was sunny and hot and dry as always it is here in Madrid during the summer time. The place is so big that looked like empty but still, very interesting.

This art center has different buildings recently renovated - actually, there are more of them waiting to be restored. We visited one of the Photoespaña exhibition held there: "Nuestro trabajo nunca acaba", and the Cineteca, an interesting little - and cool! - displaying post-war documents about spanish cinema.

An interesting afternoon!

The Matadero, as its name suggests, was a slaughterhouse, yes, just like that! It was built between 1911 and 1925 and was functioning till 1996. It Includes 48 buildings. “It was set up to help reflect on the contemporary sociocultural environment and support processes to build the culture of today and tomorrow”. More info here :)

Oh! And sorry for the Lomo Indulgences..:) Hope you’ll like it!

- How to make these color splashes?! Take a look at this amazing tutorial by Kat from Zero the One on Poppytalk!

Tomorrow, 2nd of June, I’ll be at the Dosde Market: a little market for indipendent designers and boutiques in a lovely square in the center of Madrid  - Plaza del Dos de Mayo ;)

Everything started when my friend Nicola Thomason, the industrious-genius mind behind Cover Story Design, asked me to join her to partecipate in this market..” it’s going to be fun!”. So why not!!

I made an entire collection of 30 different notebooks for this occasion! So, if you’re in Madrid, come and have a look! Anyway, I’ll soon blog about it.

See you soon and have a great WE!!

Links & News

Today, while I was getting ready for the Dosde Market (taking place the 2nd of June, meaning: cutting, folding, cutting folding and back again..), lot of things happened! ;)

- My latest post for Poppytalk was published! Dispatches from Spain: Olula-la

- My dear friend, the videomaker Cynthia Gonzalez, wrote a wonderful post about me on Hitsbook website! La creatividad de Serena Olivieri

- My notebooks were featured on Poppytalk together with other fantastic paper goods made by crafter and artists participating on the Paper Pops Market.

Now let’s go back to work! ;)