My first series of handmade notebooks!

Among the notebooks I made during the past 6 months I chose the one that was most pinned, or mentioned…the one that received the highest score.

So I’ve made almost 30 different kinds, all A6 and with different colours. I’ve also produced 4 little A7 notebooks and 4 bookmarks, as prototypes for the moment.

The colours used for the carboards are: Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Black.

The colours used for the pages are: Green, Orange, Yellow, Beige, Lavender.

Everything, bookbinding - illustration - cut out, is handmade.

I hope you’ll like it!

Wanna buy them?! Take a look at my Etsy Shop! ;)

I mean to use this illustration for a notebook/photo album. I was going to make more, but now I’m not so sure. May be I’ll change it a bit more.

The design of the flowers is from the Grafiche Tassotti paper I’ll use to the cover the cardboard.

The orginal idea was to draw something on vegetal paper to decorate the photo album part. I wanted to stay on the same subject..

Well, I hope you’ll like it;)

I made this special notebook for a harpsichord teacher/musician friend, a present her boyfriend asked me to produce especially for her. The occasion was the late feast of the Epiphany. I would like to point out that here in Spain, the Epiphany feast is more known as “Reyes magos”, or simply “Reyes”, which  is kind of a big deal and more important even than Christmas when it comes to presents. Well, what a digression…isn’t it?!

Back to the present: I knew she liked baroque music so I made the illustrations accordingly. The paper on the cover is from Grafiche Tassotti, Italy.

Bookbinding and illustrations are handmade by me.

This is the website we realized for the italian-based lamp shop “Olivia Lumi e Paralumi”. 

We wanted to use the last web structure but finally we changed almost everything. We took new pictures and restyled the design of the page except for the color. A new function with two forms was added to stimulate the interaction with clients. Right now in Italy has a good position within the google searches among certain selected keywords.