Here there is a project for another blocknote. I wanted to use this kind of decorated paper (Made in Italy by Grafiche Tassotti) I bought some week ago here in Madrid. I think that normally it’s used to make the flyleaves of the book but it was so beautiful…plus my mother is making lamp shades with the same kind of decorations, well, almost the same ;) 

I’m going to make more blocknotes in different sizes with this kind of paper.

Here we go!…This isthe first prototype of the book “Aventuras Asiáticas”, an illustration book about my travels around Asia.

I made the illustrations and wrote the texts, Stefania Nicolosi designed its beautiful layout and had it done in Italy, by an old italian bookbinder.

It is almost ready to be published, soon you’ll see the project on the Verkami website, open to crowdfunding ;)