Lomo indulgences

Yesterday I took a few pics while visiting this big art center based in Madrid: El Matadero.

It was sunny and hot and dry as always it is here in Madrid during the summer time. The place is so big that looked like empty but still, very interesting.

This art center has different buildings recently renovated - actually, there are more of them waiting to be restored. We visited one of the Photoespaña exhibition held there: "Nuestro trabajo nunca acaba", and the Cineteca, an interesting little - and cool! - displaying post-war documents about spanish cinema.

An interesting afternoon!

The Matadero, as its name suggests, was a slaughterhouse, yes, just like that! It was built between 1911 and 1925 and was functioning till 1996. It Includes 48 buildings. “It was set up to help reflect on the contemporary sociocultural environment and support processes to build the culture of today and tomorrow”. More info here :)

Oh! And sorry for the Lomo Indulgences..:) Hope you’ll like it!

- How to make these color splashes?! Take a look at this amazing tutorial by Kat from Zero the One on Poppytalk!

This A6 size notebook could be an evolution of the previous one I made.

COLOR: It’s just like that: the combination of lavander & pink made me add a yellow touch. Why? I don’t know (well, yes, I know…I’ve a lot of yellow paper around here;))

SHAPE: Now, why did I choose to cut out the pieces…? That’s because lately I’ve been thinking about how to put all the 3d paper sculptures shapes (like the ones Jen Stark does) on a bidimensional medium preserving the “handling” factor. That’s kind of impossible, I mean, I couldn’t get the same results, but I managed to play with the paper thickness a bit. 

Hope you’ll like this tiny first attempt of adjustment between sculptures and notebooks.

There will be consequences ;))

This A6 diary was made for a client as a birthday present for a friend.

He chose among my agendas the one with the cut edges, but he wanted something more..like some surprise inside. So I used the same decoration on the cover for the illustrations that are inside, on the vegetal paper pages. There’s a vegetal paper with an illustration each 8 plain pages.

The cover is simple red cardboard. The flyleaves are also cardboard (double sided color black/white). 

On the back of the first flyleaf you can see there’s a red greeting card. You can pull it out once used, and replaced it with a picture.

The pop-up is illustrated with the same flower decoration that are all around this agenda. My client was very happy :)

Well, I hope you’ll like it.

I hadn’t thought about that, but actually, it could be a good S.Valentine’s present! ;)

A6 size for this diary/photoalbum, a present thought for a very classy lady. As you can see, I covered the cardboard with my beloved Grafiche Tassotti paper. In the main diary there are no illustrations, just plain pages.

Inside the pocket on the left, there’s a little photo album with a poem from Antonio Machado, who was appointed to me as one of my client’s favorite poets. 

I used the same Tassotti paper to cover three little boxes that go with the diary. I think I’m going to study another way to cover the boxes for the next time, there is so much potential there…Well, they’re a good match for a diary, I think.

I hope you’ll like it!

A6 size, dark and sexy diary made for a female client who, I’m told, loves exotic flavours.

The black paper I used to cover the cardboard is handmade and comes from India, the little silver-colored spots are embossed on the surface. 

The first two and last two pages are fashioned as a photo album. Every 8 pages there’s a handmade illustration on vegetal paper. All the drawings feature different part of the same image.

I did that illustration during my visit of the “Hall of the Dancing girl”, Banteay Srei Temple, Cambodia. The hall was full of columns, each column had one dancing girl like this at each side. There was some magic there…so I sat on the floor and started to draw one of this bas-relief. And here it is ;)

There is also a special greeting card (since this is birthday present) that goes with this diary. It has a little flap to pull it out of the envelope.

Again, I hope you’ll like it!

This notebook (size A5) is sewed using the traditional cord system. Its “uniqueness” is simply in the handmade ink drawings I did on the cover. I was tempted to fill all the surface with flowers, but finally I decided to put them on the right, where I could cut the edges to give an ultimate effect. 

At least, three of my last works have green paper!! It’s my green period ;)

Hope you’ll like it.