Spring is here! A5 Custom Agenda/Photoalbum

My client wanted a functional diary: half notebook, half photo-album, with pockets. When she saw the daisy paper she asked me to use it for the cover and for some boxes I’ll post tomorrow.

COVER// Hard cover. The beautiful paper is from Grafiche Tassotti. The spine and the corners are protected by green fabric.

PAGES +PHOTOALBUM//Half of the diary has light cream blank pages (72g) while the other half is a photo-album, with heavier paper (200g) + vegetal paper. As you will see, the right page is fashioned to put the pics on it while you can write on the left side…notes and memories about the pics etc.

POCKETS// My client asked me to add some place to put business cards and other notes. So I made this two really thin pockets. One has a cut in the middle, that helps to put the cards inside without forcing the cardboard, and you actually don’t notice it..

I hope you’ll like it!

I made 2 of them, so if you liked it, you could buy one ;) If you want something different, you could always request a custom item (on the left column).

Front cover Back cover Enleaf + flyleaf Front matter Photo album pages Handmade Illustration on vegetal paper Handmade Illustration on vegetal paper Pop-up Pocket + colored papers A6 size

Here it is my latest work: a custom A6 size diary, based on this one.

My client told me that her friend (the final recipient) was fond of nature, birds and bright colors.

COVER// We agreed to use the same style of colorful papers I already used for other diaries on my blog. By the way..I buy them here in Madrid, in the Tiger shop. (Someone asked me if it was possible to buy them online, but I don’t think so..). The front and the back cover have different patterns, as you can see. The spine is in fabric.

PAGES// Light cream plain pages (72g). Every signature contains 8 leaves. Alternatively, they’re wrapped in vegetal paper ( in that case, the leaves are 6)

ILLUSTRATIONS// I started to look for vintage educational charts images and pictures about birds. I found a lot of material to make my handwritten illustrations on vegetal paper: 6 in total. I used a 0.3mm ink pen.

POP-UP// Birds! What a beautiful subject for a pop-up. I used a 180º angle fold kind. The paper is always from the Tiger shop, just another pattern. 

POCKET// I love to put pockets in diaries and agendas, it makes them more functional somewhat. There are 6 little 8x10cm colored papers (one side is white) in the pocket.

PHOTOALBUM// I recently started to insert photo/album-styled pages in the diaries I make. Maybe that’s because I spent last summer developing films in Italy?? Maybe, but I do it because I love to be given the chance of it! If you think about it, many times you don’t put a picture on a notebook unless you see the little white triangles..;). So there you go!

I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Ps.: If you want to get sneak peeks about my daily work in progress, take a look here! ;)

A6 size, dark and sexy diary made for a female client who, I’m told, loves exotic flavours.

The black paper I used to cover the cardboard is handmade and comes from India, the little silver-colored spots are embossed on the surface. 

The first two and last two pages are fashioned as a photo album. Every 8 pages there’s a handmade illustration on vegetal paper. All the drawings feature different part of the same image.

I did that illustration during my visit of the “Hall of the Dancing girl”, Banteay Srei Temple, Cambodia. The hall was full of columns, each column had one dancing girl like this at each side. There was some magic there…so I sat on the floor and started to draw one of this bas-relief. And here it is ;)

There is also a special greeting card (since this is birthday present) that goes with this diary. It has a little flap to pull it out of the envelope.

Again, I hope you’ll like it!

I made this special notebook for a harpsichord teacher/musician friend, a present her boyfriend asked me to produce especially for her. The occasion was the late feast of the Epiphany. I would like to point out that here in Spain, the Epiphany feast is more known as “Reyes magos”, or simply “Reyes”, which  is kind of a big deal and more important even than Christmas when it comes to presents. Well, what a digression…isn’t it?!

Back to the present: I knew she liked baroque music so I made the illustrations accordingly. The paper on the cover is from Grafiche Tassotti, Italy.

Bookbinding and illustrations are handmade by me.

Here there is a project for another blocknote. I wanted to use this kind of decorated paper (Made in Italy by Grafiche Tassotti) I bought some week ago here in Madrid. I think that normally it’s used to make the flyleaves of the book but it was so beautiful…plus my mother is making lamp shades with the same kind of decorations, well, almost the same ;) 

I’m going to make more blocknotes in different sizes with this kind of paper.

This is the first agenda I made. I sewed the signatures with cords and used a strong cardboard to make the hard cover. The agenda, which is a present for a friend’s birthday, is filled with drawings (1 drawing every 8 pages), has a pop-up at the end and has a pocket with 6 decorated papers notes.

A very simple blocknote, made with recycled paper and black carboard.

I used the traditional italian binding with cords to sew the signatures together.


PRICE: around 20€ (Free shipping worldwide)